Tigerdad’s Rules for Comments

The internet is a marvelous place. We can do or be virtually anything we want in cyberspace. The best thing is, there are very few rules, except here. If you want to play in my sandbox, you play by my rules. If you don’t like that concept, go away. I don’t mind dissension or controversy, but I will have order. The internet is an anarchy, but this little piece of it is my anarchy.

So, here we go with:

Tigerdad’s Rules for Comments:

Rule One: Don’t include anything in a comment that is or can be construed as libelous.  This includes linking to a site that has such comments.  Any comment that I deem in conflict with this rule will be deleted.

Rule Two: Don’t question my parentage, mental state, sexual orientation or sexual habits. You may question my intelligence, but be prepared to give verified test results.

Rule Three: No hardcore profanity. Colorful language has its place, but it should add useful or entertaining (by my definition) aspects to the comment. Remember, there are limits.

Rule Four: Don’t Xerox comments from other forums, sites or blogs. I take the time to write my own stuff. Please give me the courtesy of a unique comment in return. If you want to link to something to illustrate a point, that’s OK, but if the link goes to a place that violates one of my rules, you’re zapped.

Rule Five: Don’t plagiarize or violate copyrights.  Any comment that appears to violate this rule will be deleted.

Rule Six: This is my soapbox, not yours. If you want to comment, do it in a point-counterpoint format. If you agree (possible) or disagree (probable) with something that I said then limit the scope of your comments to that point(s). If you go off on a tangent, I’ll nuke your comment in a heartbeat.

Suggestion One: A compelling argument that’s also a good read will strengthen your chances. A little humor wouldn’t hurt.

Suggestion Two: Beginning your comment with the salutation “Your Highness” or something similar will make me smile. Smiling is good when I have a finger on the delete button.

So, that’s it. play by the rules and you get to make your point. Get fast and loose, then your comment won’t see the light of day. Your call.



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