Well, based on the number of comments that I received, my last post hit a nerve with at least one segment of the cyberspace population. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that any of the folks who commented took the time to read the “About Tigerdad” section. Specifically, they missed the part about how I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think about pretty much anything.

After deleting the first fifteen or twenty comments, I went into full moderation mode. It wasn’t so much that I disagreed with what they said. I’ve alluded to the fact that if a comment is interesting or entertaining I’ll leave it alone. The issue that I had was that most of the comments were profane, belligerent or poorly argued. The Net is and always has been the ultimate anarchy. That’s great. I’m glad that’s the way it is. But, this little piece of it is MY anarchy and we’re going to play by MY rules. We’ll get to those later. Right now, let’s visit a few of the comments and I’ll give my rebuttal. Won’t that be fun!

First we have Zeezil. Zeezil is a rather prolific poster on immigration issues. He’s a member of the Americans for Legal Immigration. Zeezil’s comment’s weren’t profane and, while a little pointed and one sided, they weren’t belligerent. My problem with his comments were that they were form letters that he’s pasted into hundred’s of forums and sites across the web. They had no direct bearing on any of the points that I made. He was simply trying to use my blog as a medium for his junk. I doubt that he actually wrote the original comments that he was pasting. As I wandered through the ALI site, I was struck by the similar wording that all of the members used. My guess is that there’s one guy in the group who can put together a coherent sentence and all of the other….er… members copy his stuff. Ding…personal foul; you’re outta here.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Questioning my mental state in the first sentence of your comment is not the best way to get me to leave your comment alone. I am not retarded and I’m pretty sure that I can supply medical documentation to that effect. As to the rest of your argument, well to be honest I deleted your comment so fast that I never actually read anything past the first sentence. Sorry.

John B, I feel your pain, but I see issues with herding all Mexicans over the edge of the Grand Canyon. I’m thinking that they might resist just a little. While your idea about using a snow plow might have merit in close quarters for the last few feet, I’m not sure how well it would work on the long trip from Wisconsin to Arizona. I also have concerns about the long-term effects that pushing twenty million people over the canyon rim might have on the Colorado River.

Americanbornandbred1966, no where in my post did I suggest that we immediately vest illegal aliens in Social Security. Beyond that, it’s not possible for us to have spent ten TRILLION dollars in the past two years on medical care for Mexicans. Our entire federal budget is less than three trillion per year and that includes the deficit.

Dustup2003, while I’m fairly liberal from a sexual standpoint, I’m pretty sure that your first suggestion is not physically possible in higher forms of life. Past that, I don’t think even earthworms would try your second suggestion. Although, if they were successful at trying, it might redefine the concept of safe sex.

So, that’s a snap shot of the types of comments I got. To avoid this mess in the future, I’m instituting a few rules. Remember, my anarchy, my rules. If you don’ like the rules, go play somewhere else.

Rules for Getting Comments Approved:

Rule One: Don’t question my parentage, mental state, sexual orientation or sexual habits. You may question my intelligence, but be prepared to give verified test results.

Rule Two: No hardcore profanity. Colorful language has its place, but it should add useful or entertaining (by my definition) aspects to the comment. Remember, there are limits.

Rule Three: Don’t Xerox comments from other forums, sites or blogs. I take the time to write my own stuff. Please give me the courtesy of a unique comment in return.

Rule Four: This is my soapbox, not yours. If you want to comment, do it in a point-counterpoint format. If you agree (possible) or disagree (probable) with something that I said then limit the scope of your comments to that point(s). If you go off on a tangent, I’ll nuke your comment in a heartbeat.

Suggestion One: A compelling argument that’s also a good read will strengthen your chances. A little humor wouldn’t hurt.

Suggestion Two: Beginning your comment with the salutation “Your Highness” or something similar will make me smile. Smiling is good when I have a finger on the delete button.

Now, Here’re a few talking points as fodder for the next round of comments.

Point One: For those of you who think fencing our borders will solve the problem of illegal immigration, I have one word………..STUPID. (Thanks for the suggestion Tom) Go back and read the last post. When you do, explain to the world and me why YOUR fence will work.

Point Two: For those of you who think that immediately deporting all illegal immigrants is a good option, I have one word…………STUPID. Go back and read the last post. When you do, explain, in detail who will be doing the jobs that the people you deport used to do. While you’re at it, explain how our economy is going to handle the massive increases in costs for products and services that will come from dealing with a long-term lack of workers. Don’t give me any crap about how other under-employed minorities with step up to fill the void. I pass six fast food restaurants on the way to work every day. Each of them has a “Help Wanted” sign up but there aren’t any lines of applicants to apply for the jobs. Those signs are up while illegal immigrants are still here and the economy is in the toilet.

Point Three: Assuming that any of you can successfully argue Point Two, please explain in detail the logistics of YOUR plan to round up and deport twenty million illegal immigrants. I’m really chomping at the bit to read those comments; humor is almost guaranteed.

Well, that should get things started. Lock and load, here we go.


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3 Comments on “Blogarchy”

  1. iamashadow Says:

    I like your blog, I’ve read all the entries and they are all awesome. I also like your last post because it is a moderate thoughtful approach to the problem. But I have to ask you, what would you do with people like myself, I’m an undocumented college student, who came when they were kids (I was 10) and this country is their home?
    I will read your future posts, you are the kind of Republican (and I say the same to Democrats who are also moderates) person I like because you are a moderate who actually thinks about the issues.
    I’m also extremely happy that you put Zeezil and company on their place, makes my day.

  2. tigerdad Says:


    Thanks for your comments. As I’ve said before, the ability to compromise is key to solving a problem, any problem.

    I don’t have a good answer for the question you pose about your personal situation. I’m sure you’re not alone. My mind tells me that how and when you arrived here illegally is of no issue and that you, and others in your situation, must accept the consequences of your parent’s actions. My heart tells me that it’s not that simple and that there is a compromise to be worked out. We have too many underachieving people in our country who are leeches on our society. Most of them aren’t illegal aliens. We can’t afford to turn away someone who is willing and able to contribute to the future of our nation.

    Smarter people than me are working on a viable solution to this problem. As a citizen, all I can do is tell them how I feel and try to insure that they see the problem from all sides. As a “interested party” you have an obligation to do the same, even if you aren’t a U.S. citizen.

    Side note – I find it interesting that none of the vocal right wing residents of cyberspace have commented on my posting rules or taken up my talking points challenge. Several hundred people have read my last post. You were the only one who commented. Maybe they’re intimidated by someone who doesn’t duck and run for cover when they rattle their sabers.


  3. iamashadow Says:

    I don’t think the answer to my problem is going to be answered in a very simple way either. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I do hope that I don’t end up paying for the sins of my parents. I do hope smarter are working on a solution and that people like zeezil don’t drown out logic with their drivel.
    I also very much believe in compromise. I don’t like either of the extremes on immigration, the open borders or the deport everyone solutions. People just need to sit down and think about this and solve this in a way that it helps out as much people as possible. I believe in compromises for most issues as well. I do my best in sharing my views, opinion on the matter, both on blogs and personally, and try to get my non-voting friends (college friends who should know better) to get out there and vote. I can’t after all.
    As for side note, I think they got the message and won’t be posting here anymore without an intelligent response. They might thinking of one now but I highly doubt it, they are probably copying and pasting their message on other blogs.

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