I’m Surrounded by Frakin’ Idiots

OK, I had another post almost ready to publish, but something happened today that’s caused me to put that post on the back burner for a day.

This morning on my way to work I glanced at the fuel gauge and noticed that I was running on fumes. With a deep sigh I pulled into the gas station to dispose of my hard earned discretionary income. I took out my wallet, removed the debit card and swiped it in the card reader. Dum de dum de dum…I waited for the pump to give me the “remove handle” message. Imagine my surprise when instead I got a “card denied” message. “Ehhhh, must be a mis-read”, I thought. I swiped it again. Same result. ???

I’ve never had any card denied, let alone a debit card that’s linked directly to my checking account. Grumble, grumble. I fell back on ancient technology and went into the store to pay in cash. When I got to work I called Linda and asked her to find out what was going on after the bank opened. About two hours later she called and caught me at my desk. What she told me reinforced a common belief that the human race may be in the process of de-evolving back to a lower form of life.

Our bank was recently bought by another larger one. I can’t get the new name right, it’s “Nine-Sevenths Bank” or “Six-Elevenths Bank” or “Fifth-Third Bank” or some other arcane fraction name. Anyway, the changeover became final over the weekend. When Linda called, she was told by the CSR that my card didn’t work because it hadn’t been activated by the bank. Never mind that this was the same card that we’d been using for a year. Never mind that we had received a letter saying that our existing card would work just fine until new ones were issued. Never mind that the new bank owners had ten months to prepare for the transition. To them it made logical sense that my card wouldn’t work until someone had called the bank service center to re-activate it. The kicker was that Linda was told she could activate her card, but I’d have to call in person to activate mine. My tongue bled for ten minutes after she told me that.

But, with a heavy sigh, I called the 800 number to personally activate my worn and battered debit card. Imagine my surprise when, after a interminable wait, I was told that it wasn’t necessary for me to call. I was told that the activations occurred automatically at 7:30 AM, an hour and thirty minutes after my gas purchase. “Why not do it at 3:00 AM when most customers are sleeping and before they needed to access their accounts?” I asked. “Gee, I guess we didn’t think of that.”, was the paraphrased reply.

Ticking off thousands of customers with debit cards that don’t work when they’re used is a great first impression for a new bank. But, on the bright side, it does give them the honor of earning my very first “Frakin’ Idiot” award. I’m sure it will be one of many. There is no shortage of stupid people in the world and, for some reason, I seem to be a magnet for many them. So stay tuned.

This is a living post and I’ll be adding to it as the opportunities present themselves. Feel free to use the comments section to nominate your own “Frakin’ Idiot”.

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One Comment on “I’m Surrounded by Frakin’ Idiots”

  1. Tom Says:

    You should have known by the Frakin Stupid Name that problems would be inevitable! It had to be a Frakin Idiot at the top.

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